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'BBS Car Removal' is a family owned and operated Canberra-based Car Removal company that pays Top Cash for Cars. We are a team of courteous professionals that love what they do, and love making the best deals on vehicles of any make and condition and meeting our customers when we put the cash in their hands. Our motto is to provide convenience to car owners when selling their vehicle, and our commitment is to provide only the best services.

We Pay Cash for Cars in Canberra, Queanbeyan 

Vehicle owners have an "Instant Car Buyer" when they contact us to buy their vehicle. An Instant Car Buyer that pays up to $10,000 Cash for Cars. And, not just cars. We pay Cash for Trucks, 4x4s, vans, SUVs, Utes, Jeeps, buses, and bikes, as well. We make getting the cash in your hand quick and easy as we come to you to pay you Cash for your Car on the spot. We take a great deal of pride in the work we do as we love the auto buying business and love being the top paying CAR REMOVAL company in Canberra.  BBS Car Removal team is courteous and knowledgeable, ensuring accurate cash for cars quotes. With one simple call that takes about 10 minutes, vehicle owners will have an instant cash quote they can accept or reject. Accept and the vehicle is SOLD!

Aside from our customers, we take a strong commitment to leaving the smallest imprint on the environment. Our family owned and operated Car Removal company includes a car wrecking facility that recycles vehicles, following the green Car Recycling principles. With our expertise in Auto Wrecking, nearly 100 percent of a vehicle is Recycled.

As a Car Removal company that buys vehicles of any condition, we have a wonderful network of used auto buyers and used auto parts, buyers. With the many connections we have built through the years, we can provide vehicle owners with the best cash payouts.

When BBS is your Car Buyer in Canberra, you are assured of a pleasant and professional car buyer that offers ease and convenience. We pay Cash for Cars. We come to your location to inspect and buy your car, so you don’t have to travel. We provide all the paperwork while you provide the title of ownership to the vehicle. We take less than an hour to buy and remove your vehicle. Our car buying system is great! And, leaves up to $10,000 cash in your hands.

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Contact BBS Car Removal company today and we’ll make you a cash offer on your unwanted vehicle of any age and condition. We buy every type of vehicle of any make and model, paying up to $10,000 for each! Get a quick quote on our web page or by giving us a call at the number below. We are a professional and fully licensed car buying family that loves to buy cars!

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Want Cash for Cars in Queanbeyan? Find Suitable Car Wreckers in the Canberra Area by Following These Easy Steps

 Cars don’t last forever, but sometimes transitioning from one vehicle to the next can be more complicated than it might seem at first glance. It’s not just buying your new vehicle that you have to consider—you’ll also have to know how to dispose of the old one appropriately. Better yet, you should rid yourself of the old car in such a way that you receive some money for it. That said, you might want to look for car wreckers in Canberra or Queanbeyan that will offer you cash in exchange for an old vehicle.

 What to Remember when You Search for Car Wreckers in Queanbeyan or Canberra

 You can narrow down your search for wreckers in Canberra and Queanbeyan by paying close attention to some simple criteria. Make sure you avoid the following common mistakes if you want to find a wrecker that offers the right amount of cash for cars and one that will allow you to have a fast and painless experience.

  • Avoid any wrecker that does not have their own facilities. Larger wrecking companies with private yards can often work faster than those without and will provide you with more efficient service.
  • Try not to go for a wrecker that offers you any form of compensation for your used vehicle other than cash. The adage rings true: cash is king, especially when you’re trying to complete a deal quickly. You shouldn’t have to wait around for a cheque to clear, or for an opportunity to use some other kind of credit that only works for certain purchases. Make sure you choose a business that will send you out the door with money in your wallet or purse as soon as the transaction has been completed.
  • Don’t deal with wreckers that won’t speak frankly to you about the kind of work they do. Your car was an investment, so you have a right to gather as much information as you need to feel comfortable before you dispose of it. Make sure to use a company with customer service staff who always take your inquiries seriously and provide you with respectful, comprehensive help.

 Let Us Help you with Your Old Car

BBS Car Removal Canberra can offer the Service—and the Cash—that you Need. We are one of the most highly-regarded wreckers in Canberra or the Queanbeyan region, and we offer genuinely competitive amounts of cash for unwanted cars—up to $10,000. We pride ourselves on our abilities to work quickly, treat all our clients with the respect that they deserve, and provide the money up front so that you can leave with it as soon as your car has been unloaded. You won’t find an easier cash for cars solution in Queanbeyan, so why hesitate? Call us Anytime During regular Business Hours and speak to someone on our team who can tell you more.

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